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artisan coffee beer


A beer produced locally but with a strong connection with Milan.


Patrizia and Federica, the two ladies involved in this project are both from Milan and share a passion for this beautiful area of Spain which is now home.


This new artisan coffee beer is crafted in a collaboration of love, passion and flavour between two local businesses of the Marina Alta capturing the essence of the CaffèMilano-The Italian Coffee House brand founded in Jávea at the start of 2017.


The signature Milano Blend coffee beans are hand roasted in Jávea by Matt and Federica at CaffèMilano-The Italian Coffee House and then brewed by Patrizia and Georges in Dénia at Cervecería de la Marina Alta. The awesome artisan result is a rich dark coffee porter. Chocolate, coffee and fruit berries arise from the aroma with a smooth aftertaste of Milanese character.

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